Published: November 5, 2021

Adventist Technology a Blaze of Activity

Our new team members have come at just the right time as we are very busy. Russell brings with him the Ministerial Development program which he has worked on while at the AUC and South Queensland Conference.  This application is ground breaking in creating a platform for pastors and ministers professional development which has been widely accepted in Australia and NZ.  The project by coming to AdTech will ensure that it will receive all the technical support needed for further development.  

Another major project that we’re working on, is the development of the new Tithes and Offerings system (T&O).  The old T&O had served its purpose and needed to be retired, as it could only be accessed via an Internet Explorer browser, and with the announcement that Internet Explorer would be discontinued mid 2022, it was time to build a new system.  The decision was made last year that we would commission the build of a bespoke system for our local church treasurers and Conference Treasuries.  Tamzin will be deployed to this project.

Finally with our new intern Lindsay, we’re very excited about giving him a new project which will use his newly acquired skills in data analytics.  This is where we give Lindsay data from different systems, so that he is able to develop new insights by cross referencing data.

We’ve also in mid February moved back into the offices after more than 6 months working from home during the lockdown period.  Thanks to the Property team, who have worked tirelessly to enable us to move into lovely renovated offices at 148 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga.  As we return to work, we have come to appreciate our team members again and while technology is an incredible enabler for working collaboratively and remotely, it’s also nice to see our colleagues face to face.

I hope you have a great productive day,

Eva Ing
Director, Technology Operations and Strategy
Adventist Technology

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