Published: September 30, 2021

Business Focused Projects

Tithes and Offerings Project Update

There are some important updates as of out last steering committee meeting (March 10).  The most significant discussion item was that after careful planning around the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase, it was recommended and accepted to set a go-live date later than some of the original estimated timeframes.  This decision was made with full support of the committee, with strong support to affirm that the quality is of the highest priority, and ensuring there is enough time to address any concerns that arise during UAT.  The go-live target date is now set for Monday 1st August.

T&O Feature Review

Beyond the discussion about the go-live date we also took time to review the features for that date.  We are very glad to be seeking not only to cover the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as a replacement, but adding a number of improvements in the first new release.  On top of all existing features, and the fact that the new version will work on web browsers other than Internet Explorer / Edge, we intend for the following improvements to be available

  • Emailing of receipts in batches (or individually)
  • Attachments allowed for expenses, receipts, journals, bank deposits
  • User management for Conference/Union/Division
  • eGiving image management for Conference/Union/Division
  • Offering Calendar management for Conference/Union/Division
  • Global chart of accounts
  • Bank Deposits easier to use and able to reverse incorrect ones
  • Year end close
  • Improvements to useability (navigation, recording income received by direct deposit, standard numbering system)
  • Additional environments (development, testing, training and production
  • In-application help
  • Budget import (if time)
  • Income Summary import (if time)
  • Manual roll-up of funds independent of period close (if time)

T&O Ongoing Enhancements

Further to the news about coming improvements, development will continue after go-live. There is a list of features that will be included that arose during the initial project requirements gathering.

eGiving Application Project Update

Version 4.9.004 of the eGiving app was released as an update on February 18, 2022 (iOS and Android). This release includes major updates to creating and managing recurring/scheduled gifts. It is now easier to:

  • Set a start and end date for a recurring gift
  • Edit an existing recurring gift - just tap on the gift when in Profile | Recurring Payments and you can make changes or delete it

Minor bugs were also fixed. Please ensure you update to the latest version, and contact [email protected] if you experience any issues.

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